CSSPortal Code Playground

CSSPortal Code Playground

Lately I have not updated this blog as much as I would like to because I have have been working on a new project. I’m happy to announce that we have finally completed our Code playground, even though there is still a bit of work to put into it, I thought I would release it now as it is approx 90% completed.

Currently you can experiment with your code (CSS, HTML and JS) and save the results to our server to share with other people, you also have the ability to add javascript and CSS libraries to the <head> section of the webpage, such as jquery, bootstrap or other files.

For all registered users, you’ll be able to upload images to use in your projects…no need to save images elsewhere.

Still to be completed is the following:
1. Add CSS preprocessor support – less, stylus, sass, scss
2. Add HTML preprocessor support – haml, jade, markdown, slim
3. Add JS preprocessor support – coffescript
4. Few other things that I’m sure will come up 🙂

Anyway I suppose you all want to know what the link is…here it is, http://www.codeit.co

The project is currently in beta stage, if you experience any issues, please contact me with our contact form.

I hope you all enjoy our code playground.

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