Recently we have been moving content from our sister site at We have finally finished moving everything and hope that you enjoy the new content here. Please be patient while we update all of the new tools and resources and hopefully we can iron out all errors quickly for you.

Some of the new features that you will see here are:

HTML Formatter / Beautifier – This tool will help you format your messy code to make it easier to read and edit.

HTML Validator – Validate your HTML code with this online HTML validator.

HTML Tags – View all the HTML tags with descriptions and example code.

HTML Colors – On the pages within this category, you’ll find a complete reference to HTML colors.

HTML Characters – Here you will find a complete list of characters, entities and symbols as defined in HTML 4.01 and above.

HTML Online Editor – This WYSIWYG HTML editor can help you edit your HTML documents anytime online.

HTML Table Generator – Easily generate HTML tables with this visual tool which can also add CSS to customize the look of the table.

We will be adding more content relating to HTML over time.