CSS Glitch Text Effect

The CSS Glitch Text Effect Generator is a handy online tool to create text effects that will grab the users attention. There are three different types of effects that you can create using this generator, they are: Glitch with Color - a text effect that uses three different colors that will 'glitch' and animate the text, Glitch with Noise - a single colored glitch effect and Glitch with Transformation - this glitch uses one color and will glitch in multiple directions. Once you have created your perfect glitch effect, you can easily copy and paste the generated code into your web project.

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About CSS Glitch Text Effect

A CSS glitch text effect is a visual design technique used in web development to create text that appears to be glitching or distorting, simulating the kind of visual artifacts or interference you might see on a malfunctioning electronic display. This effect is often used to give a retro or futuristic aesthetic to text, reminiscent of old video games, sci-fi movies, or a digital age look.

To create a CSS glitch text effect, you typically use a combination of HTML and CSS properties to achieve the desired visual result. Here are some common techniques and properties used to create this effect:

  • Pseudo-elements: CSS pseudo-elements like ::before and ::after are often used to create multiple layers of text that can be animated or styled differently.

  • Animations and Transitions: You can use CSS animations and transitions to create the glitch effect. Keyframes are often used to define the animation sequence.

  • Skewing and Distortion: Applying transformations like skew, rotate, or scale to individual letters or lines of text can create a distorted and glitchy appearance.

  • Opacity and Blurring: Changing the opacity and applying blur effects to text or text layers can simulate a glitchy appearance.

  • Color and Background Effects: Shifting colors, adding gradients, or using background patterns can contribute to the glitch effect.

  • Overflow and Clipping: Altering the overflow and clipping properties of text containers can create a sense of irregularity and disruption.

Keep in mind that glitch text effects are mainly used for creative and decorative purposes and may not always be suitable for all types of web content.