The font-size-adjust property adjusts the font-size of the fallback fonts defined with font-family, so that the x-height is the same no matter what font is used. This preserves the readability of the text when fallback happens.

  • Initial valuenone
  • Applies toAll elements
  • InheritedYes
  • MediaVisual
  • Computed valueAs specified
  • AnimatableYes
  • CSS VersionCSS2, CSS3
  • JavaScript
Formal syntax: none | <number> 

font-size-adjust: none;
font-size-adjust: 0.5;
  • noneChoose the size of the font based only on the font-size property.
  • <number>Choose the size of the font so that its lowercase letters (as determined by the x-height metric of the font) are the specified number times the font-size.
.class {
   font-size-adjust: 0.5;

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