The font-variant-alternates property provides control over the selection of a variety of alternate glyphs in addition to the default glyph for that character.

  • Initial valuenormal
  • Applies toAll elements
  • InheritedYes
  • MediaVisual
  • Computed valueAs specified
  • AnimatableNo
  • CSS VersionCSS3
  • JavaScript
Formal syntax: normal | [ stylistic(<feature-value-name>) || historical-forms || styleset(<feature-value-name> #) || character-variant(<feature-value-name> #) || swash(<feature-value-name>) || ornaments(<feature-value-name>) || annotation(<feature-value-name>) ] 

font-variant-alternates: [value];
  • normalNone of the features listed below are enabled.
  • stylistic(<feature-value-name>)Enables display of stylistic alternates (font specific, OpenType feature: salt <feature-index>).
  • historical-formsEnables display of historical forms (OpenType feature: hist).
  • styleset(<feature-value-name> #)Enables display with stylistic sets (font specific, OpenType feature: ss<feature-index> OpenType currently defines ss01 through ss20).
  • character-variant(<feature-value-name> #)Enables display of specific character variants (font specific, OpenType feature: cv<feature-index> OpenType currently defines cv01 through cv99).
  • swash(<feature-value-name>)Enables display of swash glyphs (font specific, OpenType feature: swsh <feature-index>, cswh ).
  • ornaments(<feature-value-name>)Enables replacement of default glyphs with ornaments, if provided in the font (font specific, OpenType feature: ornm <feature-index>).
  • annotation(<feature-value-name>)Enables display of alternate annotation forms (font specific, OpenType feature: nalt <feature-index>).
.class {
   font-variant-alternates: swash(flowing);

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