The marker-side property positions themselves according to their list item's directionality. However, if the list item is grouped with several other list items which may have different directionality (for example, multiple

  • s with different "dir" attributes in an
      in HTML), it is sometimes more useful to have all the markers line up on one side, so the author can specify a single "gutter" on that side and be assured that all the markers will lie in that gutter and be visible.

      • Initial valuelist-item
      • Applies toList Items
      • InheritedYes
      • MediaVisual
      • Computed valueSpecified value
      • AnimatableNo
      • CSS VersionCSS3
      • JavaScript
      Formal syntax: list-item | list-container
      marker-side: list-item;
      marker-side: list-container;
      • list-itemAny markers associated with the list item base their positioning off of the directionality of the list item.
      • list-containerThe associated markers instead base their positioning off of the directionality of the list item's parent element. The normative meaning of this is specified in the section defining position:marker.
      .class {
         marker-side: list-container;;

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