The overflow-x property These properties specifies the handling of overflow in the horizontal direction (i.e., overflow from the left and right sides of the box).

  • Initial valuevisible
  • Applies toBlock containers, flex containers and grid containers
  • InheritedNo
  • MediaVisual
  • Computed valueAs specified
  • AnimatableNo
  • CSS VersionCSS3
  • JavaScript
Formal syntax: visible | hidden | scroll | auto | paged-x | paged-y | paged-x-controls | paged-y-controls | fragments

overflow-x: visible;
overflow-x: hidden;
overflow-x: scroll;
overflow-x: auto;
overflow-x: paged-x;
overflow-x: paged-y;
overflow-x: paged-x-controls;
overflow-x: paged-y-controls;
overflow-x: fragments;
  • visibleContent is not clipped and scroll bars are not added. Elements are clipped to the size of the containing window or frame.
  • hiddenContent that exceeds the dimensions of the object is not shown.
  • scrollContent is clipped and scroll bars are added, even if the content does not exceed the dimensions of the object.
  • autoContent is clipped and scrolling is added only when necessary.
  • paged-xNew
  • paged-yNew
  • paged-x-controlsNew
  • paged-y-controlsNew
  • fragmentsNew
.class {
   overflow-x: auto; 

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