The quotes property specifies the type of quotation marks to be used.

  • Initial valueDepends on browser/user agent
  • Applies toAll elements
  • InheritedYes
  • MediaVisual
  • Computed valueSpecified value
  • AnimatableNo
  • CSS VersionCSS2, CSS3
  • JavaScript
Formal syntax: [<string> <string>]+ | none

quotes: [value];
  • noneThe 'open-quote' and 'close-quote' values of the 'content' property produce no quotations marks, as if they were 'no-open-quote' and 'no-close-quote' respectively.
  • [<string> <string>]+Values for the 'open-quote' and 'close-quote' values of the 'content' property are taken from this list of pairs of quotation marks (opening and closing). The first (leftmost) pair represents the outermost level of quotation, the second pair the first level of embedding, etc.
  • inherit
.class {
   quotes: "�0AB" "�0BB";

Last updated on 23rd March 2014 By Rene Spronk

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