The speak property defines whether text should be rendered aurally and if so, how.

  • Initial valuenormal
  • Applies toAll elements
  • InheritedYes
  • MediaAural
  • Computed valueSpecified value
  • AnimatableNo
  • CSS VersionCSS2, CSS3
  • JavaScript
Formal syntax: auto | none | normal

speak: auto;
speak: none;
speak: normal;
  • autoResolves to a computed value of 'none' when 'display' is 'none', otherwise resolves to a computed value of 'auto' which yields a used value of 'normal'.
  • noneThis value causes an element (including pauses, cues, rests and actual content) to not be rendered (i.e., the element has no effect in the aural dimension).
  • normalThe element is rendered aurally (regardless of its 'display' value and the 'display' and 'speak' values of its ancestors).
.class {

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