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WELCOME -- GoFlexiblePro

Tested Browsers

GoFlexiblePro has been tested for the following browsers:

  • Firefox 1.5 - OK
  • Explorer 6 - OK
  • Explorer 7 Beta2 - OK
  • Safari 2 - OK
Stable code

The code is clean and stable. Only one minor hack necessary to adjust for IE6 height properties. The code is also compatible with IE7 Beta2. In this way your site is safe for the future.

Basic Concepts

GoFlexiblePro is a flexible template where a number of options can be set independently of each other. The template offers options layout, pictures, text, tables, colors as well as a stylesheet for printing.

Some of these options, especially text and background colors, are controlled by applying multiple generic CSS-classes directly to the class statements in the HTML-code. In this way the webdesigner has the advantages of 1) global default settings for the entire site, and 2) at the same time the flexibility to locally modify the appearance, without having to alter the CSS-code. This may come very handy. Also note that the layout appearance is optimized for use with the font "Trebuchet MS", but it works well for other fonts like Verdana as well.

GoFlexiblePro is suited for any kind of website, be it personal, business, organization or portal. You will have a powerful tool in your hand to make your website appear the way you want.

GoFlexiblePro. It's yours. Enjoy it.