To be your template or not to be, that is indeed the question?

Modern Day

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Welcome to Modern Day

Hi, I have been hard at work to create a wonderful template and I think I now have it. I'll try and show you as many as possible;

About the Design

This design is clean and uses minimal pictures to create a modern feel. Although this template is free i would ask that you leave the link to me in the footer. If you do use it and want to take the link off please e-mail me to tell me you are using the design. This helps me find out which designs are doing best and I can improve on those that are, thanks.

Left Splitter

This is so that you can split the content of your page to one side if you want to.

Colour Boxes

At the top of the page you'll see a green box. This box has 4 diffrent color choices. Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. below are examples;

The red box will look like this

The blue box will appear like this

The yellow box will appear like this

Right Splitter

Like the left splitter but this time to the right below are a few more features;

This is an example of two features the positioning divs and the addbox div. The addbox div creates the border around the image and the 'left' div aligns the picture to the left of the text.



This is an example of 'right' div which will make the image align to the right of the text.