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Book Image Hi, Thanks for your interest in this web template. This is my first design as open web template. I am from Bangalore [India] and by profession I am a developer and have great interest in web design. Since OSWD and Openwebdesing is a great place for web designers, so I have designed this open web template to get a first hand experience in web designing. All the things in this template is learned form OSWD and Openwebdesing and I am great full these two great sites. The tools that were used to do this one are HTML-Kit, GIMP and Color Schemer Studio.

This is a simple template with two columns and one header, a menu and contents with two images. This template can be used where the content is more important than presentation and needs one decent layout with decent design. This is a valid XHTML and CSS and it is also very easy to customize. It has only two images one image [GIF] for background, other for contents which can be removed from the contents if not needed with no affect to design. The side column can be used add favorite links, Google ads etc. I have tested this template in Firefox 1.5, Opera 8.5, Netscape 8.0.4 and IE 6.0 and it works fine in all these browsers. You can use this template with no restrictions, a simple notification email to either OSWD or Openwebdesign would be encouraging. Thank you very much for your support.

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Amadeus was named the 53rd greatest film of all time by The American Film Association. Since its release in 1984, it's gained both critical acclaim and many fans from all over the world.

Book Image Amadeus takes place in 18th Century Austria and tells the story of one of the greatest musical prodigies ever known, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The story begins with ageing composer Antonio Salieri confessing his involvement in the death of Mozart. For you see, ever since Antonio Salieri was a child he considered child prodigy Wolfgang Mozart to be his idol. As he said, "He was my idol! I can't remember a time when I didn't know his name!" Antonio wanted to be a great composer so desperately that he would pray to God to bring him the gift of immortality through his music.

Then one day, Salieri had the shock of his life when he realized that his idol 'Mozart' was non-other than an obnoxious, immature, 'vulgar' man. "So that was he! That giggling, dirty-minded creature I'd just seen crawling on the floor. Mozart. The phenomenon whose legend had haunted my youth. Impossible."

Salieri develops an overwhelming jealousy of Mozart's musical talent that eventually grows into obsessive hatred. Salieri, a man who spent his entire life devoted to God so that he could be a great composer has his talent overthrown by the childish Mozart. "Why? Would God choose an obscene child to be His instrument?" Salieri vows to destroy Mozart, in both name and body, in order to punish God for choosing Mozart as his instrument.