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This online tool will convert your CSS code into Stylus code. Stylus is a dynamic stylesheet preprocessor language that is compiled into CSS. Simply enter your CSS code into the textbox below and click on convert, your Stylus code will then be available for download or you can copy to the clipboard.

If you need to compile Stylus to CSS, please use our Stylus to CSS Compiler

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About CSS to Stylus Converter

A CSS to Stylus converter is a tool that can convert CSS code into Stylus code. Stylus is a CSS preprocessor that uses a more concise and indentation-based syntax to define styles. Converting CSS to Stylus can be useful if you want to work with Stylus for its benefits, such as variables, nesting, and mixins, while still having the ability to start with existing CSS code.

Here's an example of a CSS to Stylus conversion:

Original CSS code:

.button {
  background-color: #3498db;
  color: #fff;
  padding: 10px 20px;
  border: none;

.button:hover {
  background-color: #2980b9;

Converted Stylus code:

  background-color #3498db
  color #fff
  padding 10px 20px
  border none

    background-color #2980b9

In the Stylus code, you can see that the curly braces {} from the CSS have been replaced with indentation, and the colons : have been replaced with spaces to separate property and value. The nesting structure remains the same. Stylus also allows you to omit units for zero values (e.g., 0px can be written as 0), which can make the code even more concise.

Remember that while converting CSS to Stylus can be useful, you may need to adjust the output to take full advantage of Stylus features, such as variable declarations, functions, and mixins, to make your styles more maintainable and efficient.