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Validate your CSS files using our free css validator. When using this tool, you'll find errors and warnings that may need to be fixed in your CSS file. When you have errors in your CSS, there is a good chance the webpage you are viewing will not render correctly.

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Note: This validator will only validate CSS, to validate HTML code please use this html validator.

About CSS Validator

A CSS validator is an online service that checks the validity of CSS code. CSS is a stylesheet language used for describing the presentation and formatting of web documents, including HTML and XML. CSS validators help web developers and designers ensure that their CSS code adheres to the CSS specifications and does not contain syntax errors or other issues that could affect the rendering of web pages in different web browsers.

Here are some common tasks performed by CSS validators:

  • Syntax Checking: CSS validators check for syntax errors in your CSS code. They ensure that you have used the correct syntax for CSS properties, values, and selectors.

  • Compliance with Standards: They verify that your CSS code complies with the CSS specifications set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This helps ensure cross-browser compatibility.

  • Detecting Deprecated or Nonstandard Code: CSS validators can identify and flag deprecated or nonstandard CSS properties, which may not be supported in modern browsers or may lead to compatibility issues.

  • Debugging and Troubleshooting: CSS validators can help you find and fix issues in your CSS code, making it easier to maintain and update your stylesheets.

Web developers often use these validators during the development and testing phases of a website to ensure that their CSS code is error-free and follows best practices. By doing so, they can create websites that look consistent and perform well across different browsers and devices.