CSS Flip Switch Generator

If you have ever wanted to create a CSS flip switch or toggle switch with ease, then this generator is for you. With this generator you will be able to change properties and visiually see the changes of the flip switch, once you have made the perfect switch, scroll to the bottom of the page for the CSS and HTML source code to use in your projects.

Active Properties
Background Color

Text Color

Inactive Properties
Background Color

Text Color

Label Properties
Font Size: 18px
Text Padding: 12px
Switch Properties
Background Color

Border Color

Border Width: 1px
Switch Size: 31px
Switch Size
Width: 86px
Height: 24px
Border Radius: 8px
Flip Switch Preview
<div class="flipswitch">
	<input type="checkbox" name="flipswitch" class="flipswitch-cb" id="fs" checked>
	<label class="flipswitch-label" for="fs">
		<div class="flipswitch-inner"></div>
		<div class="flipswitch-switch"></div>
CSS Code

About CSS Flip Switch Generator

A CSS flip switch generator is a tool that generates HTML and CSS code for creating flip-style toggle switches for web applications or websites. These switches are often used to represent binary options, such as on/off states or yes/no choices. The term "flip switch" is used because these switches often have a visually appealing animation or transition when toggled, giving the impression of flipping from one state to another.

This CSS flip switch generator allows you to customize various aspects of the switch, such as its size, colors, labels, and animation effects. You can input your desired settings, and the generator will produce the corresponding HTML and CSS code that you can then integrate into your web project.

Using a generator can be convenient for web designers and developers who want to save time and ensure consistency in the appearance and behavior of flip switches on their websites. These generators can produce sleek and modern UI components that enhance the user experience.