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If you have found to be useful, please consider donating a small amount to help with the running costs of this site. In return, any person donating $20 or more can have a link to their website. NB Only family friendly sites will be added, we reserve the right not to link to certain webpages.

  • Gold Category - $50 and above
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Gold Donations ($50 and above)

Silver Donations ($20 - $49)

Carlos M.$40.00UpTrivial
Natasha O.$35.00Visit Website
Mike F.$
Toothnotes.$30.00Toothnotes Donated $30
Damien C.$27.00Plumber Inner West
Javier M.$
Adam Z.$21.00Winnipeg Bin Rentals
Anonymous$21.00Visit Website
Maki T.$21.00Wordscapesmate
Bill M.$20.00Not Provided
Brian H.$20.00DivMagic
Alexander R.$20.00Not Provided
Katlyn S.$20.00Vancouver Web Design
Katlyn S.$20.00Affordable Senior Care Vancouver
Barry B.$20.00Richmond Septic Pumping
Adam Z.$20.00Driving Instructors
Adam Z.$
Adam Z.$20.00Tree Removal Services
Adam Z.$
Barry B.$20.00Vinyl Siding Contractor
Barry B.$20.00Painting company in Chesterfield
Adam Z.$20.00Tree Removal
Barry B.$20.00Insulation Contractor Richmond VA
Adam Z.$20.00Visit Website
Martinijan T.$20.00Debrid Link
Tendamus O.$20.00Vahtsoojustus
Tendamus O.$20.00Jyvaskylan Putkimies
Tendamus O.$20.00Sähkömies Kuopio
Tendamus O.$20.00Klaaside toonimine
Damien C.$20.00Attic Sydney
Tendamus O.$20.00Sähkömies Pori
Tendamus O.$20.00Helsinki
Tendamus O.$20.00
Tendamus O.$20.00Accountant Tallinn
Tendamus O.$20.00Matcha
Tendamus O.$20.00LVI-Tampere
Anonymous$20.00Celebs Height
Micheal$20.00Game Answer Donor
Dylan A.$20.00App Game Answers
Anonymous$20.00Fun Games Arena
Anonymous$20.00New York Times Crossword Answers
Anonymous$20.00Crossword Answers
Algert G.$20.00Game Answers
Sara N.$20.00Visit Website
Sihur P.$20.00Apps free for PC
Georgi G.$
Derek H.$20.00Hospital Jobs

Bronze Donations ($1 - $19)

Paul S.$15.00-
Steven W.$15.00-
Judy F.$12.50-
Kelly S.$12.00-
David M.$10.00-
Natalia B.$6.00-
Lionel F.$6.00-
Dan D.$6.00-
Othniel B.$5.00-
Ionut I.$5.00-
Steve B.5.00-