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Format CSS Code

This CSS tool will help you format your code to the style you prefer. Just paste your CSS code in the textarea below and select the options for how you would like your CSS code to be formatted to.
This tool has been completely rewritten, if you experience any problems, please contact us with any errors that you have.

Please use our updated CSS Code Formatter, as this page is no longer being updated.

Paste your valid code into the box below and click 'Format Code'

Format Options


Preset Options:

Style Selectors

After Selecter Insert:
After Open Brace '{' Insert:
Before Close Brace '}' Insert:
After Close Brace '}' Insert:

Style Properties

Before Property Name Insert:
Before Colon Insert:
After Colon Insert:
After Semi-Colon Insert:

@Rule Settings

After @Rule Insert:


Remove Comments:

Property Order ( Coming Soon )