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Format your minified or messy HTML code with this free online HTML formatter. By using this tool, your code will become much easier to read and edit. Our online HTML formatter will also format CSS and JavaScript that is located between the <style> and <script> tags. The editor also contains helpful line numbering and syntax highlighting. You can also select from many options to tailor the formatting to your personal tastes.

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About HTML beautifier / minifier

Online HTML beautifier and minifier are tools used in web development to format and optimize HTML code. They serve different purposes:

  1. HTML Beautifier:

    • An HTML beautifier is a tool that takes your HTML code and formats it in a more readable and organized way. It adds indentation, line breaks, and consistent spacing to make the code easier for developers to understand.
    • Beautifying HTML code is primarily for human readability and does not affect how the web page functions. It's especially useful when working on larger projects or collaborating with other developers to maintain clean and well-organized code.

  2. HTML Minifier:

    • An HTML minifier is a tool that optimizes your HTML code for production use. It removes unnecessary characters, such as whitespace, line breaks, and comments, to reduce the size of the HTML file.
    • Minifying HTML is done to improve website performance by reducing load times. Smaller HTML files can be transmitted more quickly over the internet, which can lead to faster page rendering for users.

HTML beautifiers and minifiers are often used in web development workflows to balance readability during development and performance in production.