HTML Resources

On this page, you will find a nice collection of resources that will help you with your HTML needs. We have a range of compilers to convert between different markups, view all HTML tags with examples, HTML validator and many more tools that you will find below. Over time we will be adding more tools and resources that will assist with coding in HTML. Just click on the button below to view our range of resources.

HTML Resources

HTML Resources

Pug to HTML Compiler

Online tool to compile your Pug (Jade) code to HTML code.

Markdown to HTML Compiler

Online tool to compile your Markdown code to HTML code.

HTML to Pug Converter

Online tool to convert your HTML code to Pug code.

HTML to Markdown Converter

Online tool to convert your HTML code to Markdown code.

HTML Character Codes

View a large range of HTML characters including code that can be used in CSS.

HTML Colors

Looking for the perfect color for your webpages? Find a large range of colors here.

HTML Beautifier / Minifier

Beautify or minify your HTML code with this HTML code formatter. Makes code easier to read or reduce the file size.

HTML Entity Encoder / Decoder

This online HTML Entity Encoder / Decoder is used to easily encode or decode HTML entities.

HTML Table Generator

Sick of coding HTML tables? Use our table generator to make it easier.


View a complete list of HTML tags with examples. Global and Event attributes also included with example code.

HTML Online Editor

Edit your HTML files with our online HTML editor. No need to download and files, edit within yuor browser window.

HTML Tutorial

Online tutorial to help you learn HTML code. Covers a full range of topics from beginner to advanced.

HTML Validator

Use this tool to validate your finished HTML files. Having valid HTML code will make sure your webpages display correctly.