204 No Content HTTP Status Code


The HTTP status code 204 is defined as "No Content." It is used by a server to indicate that the request was successfully processed, but no content is being returned in the response body. This status code is particularly useful in situations where the client does not need to receive any data to update the user interface, but merely needs to know that the operation was successful. For example, it might be used in response to an AJAX or API call where the client is sending data to the server (like updating a record) but doesn't need any data back, except for the confirmation that the operation succeeded. The 204 response allows the client's current page to remain unchanged, providing a smoother user experience by not requiring a page reload or update.


204 No Content

Common Causes

Here are some common causes and situations where a 204 status code might be used:

  1. Successful Submission: When a user submits data to the server (for example, a form submission), and the server successfully processes the data but doesn't need to send any data back, just an acknowledgment that the request was successful.

  2. AJAX Requests: In web development, especially with AJAX requests, a 204 status can be useful for operations that change the state on the server (like a DELETE request) but don't require the server to send back data or a new page to the client.

  3. APIs: In RESTful APIs, after performing an operation that does not require the server to send any data back to the client (such as deleting a resource), a 204 status code can be used to indicate success.

  4. Updating Resources: When a client sends an update request for a resource on the server (using PUT or PATCH methods), and the update is successful without the server needing to send any updated resource data back.

  5. Configuration or Preferences Changes: For operations that involve changing settings, configurations, or preferences on the server side for a user session, where the changes are successful and no further information needs to be conveyed back to the client.

  6. Polling or Heartbeat Checks: In situations where a client periodically sends requests to check the status or presence of a resource or service (polling), and there's no need to return any data if the service is running as expected.

The 204 status code is particularly useful in minimizing the amount of data transmitted between the server and the client. It allows the server to communicate that an action was successful without having to send an unnecessary response body, which can improve the efficiency of network communication, especially in scenarios where bandwidth is a concern.

Browser Support

The following table will show you the current browser support for the 204 No Content HTTP status code.

Edge Chrome Firefox Opera Safari
Tablets / Mobile
Chrome Firefox Opera Safari Samsung Webview

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