205 Reset Content HTTP Status Code


HTTP status code 205, defined as "Reset Content," indicates that the request was successful and that the client should reset the document view, which caused the request to be sent. This status code is often used in scenarios where a web form is submitted successfully and the server instructs the client (typically a web browser) to clear the form to allow for new input. Unlike the 204 status code (No Content), which also signifies a successful request but doesn't require the client to reset its document view, the 205 status explicitly tells the client to reset the state of the form or document to its initial state, without necessarily forcing a full page reload. This can be particularly useful in web applications where parts of a page (such as a form) need to be reset while keeping the user on that same page.


205 Reset Content

Common Causes

Here are the main reasons a server might send a 205 Reset Content response:

  1. Form Reset: It is commonly used in situations where a web form is submitted, and the server instructs the client (usually a web browser) to clear the form fields for new input. This ensures that the user starts with a clean slate if they want to enter new data.

  2. State Reset: More generally, it can be used to indicate that the client should reset its document view back to a default state. This is useful in applications where the state on the client side needs to be re-initialized without requiring a full page reload.

  3. Successful Processing Without Data Return: The server uses this response code to indicate that the request was processed successfully, but there's no additional content to send in the response payload. Unlike a 204 No Content response, which also indicates successful processing without returning any content, 205 specifies that the client should also reset its view.

  4. Avoiding Double Submission: It helps in preventing the double submission of forms. By clearing the form data after submission, the browser prevents the data from being accidentally resubmitted if the user hits the refresh button or navigates back to the form page.

The 205 status code is less commonly used compared to other HTTP status codes like 200 OK, 404 Not Found, or 500 Internal Server Error. It serves a specific purpose and is used in scenarios where the server needs to instruct the client to reset its current state or view.

Browser Support

The following table will show you the current browser support for the 205 Reset Content HTTP status code.

Edge Chrome Firefox Opera Safari
Tablets / Mobile
Chrome Firefox Opera Safari Samsung Webview

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