424 Failed Dependency HTTP Status Code


HTTP status code 424 is defined as "Failed Dependency". This status code is part of the WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) extension of HTTP. It indicates that the request failed due to the failure of a previous request on which the current request was dependent.

For example, if a sequence of requests is made and one of those requests fails, leading to the failure of subsequent requests, the server may return a 424 Failed Dependency status for those subsequent requests. This helps in understanding that the failure was not due to an issue with the subsequent requests themselves but was caused by the failure of a prior request they were dependent on.

It's important to note that while 424 Failed Dependency is specifically part of the WebDAV extension, it can be encountered in scenarios outside of WebDAV when a request's execution is dependent on the outcome of another request. However, in practice, its usage is relatively rare compared to more commonly seen HTTP status codes.


424 Failed Dependency

Common Causes

The causes for receiving a 424 Failed Dependency status code can vary but generally include:

  1. Dependency on Previous Requests: If a series of requests are made where one request's success is dependent on the successful completion of a previous request, and if the previous request fails, the subsequent request may return a 424 status code.

  2. Batch Operations: In scenarios where requests are batched together, and one or more requests in the batch fail, this can lead to a 424 status code for subsequent operations within the same batch if they depend on the successful completion of the earlier requests.

  3. Configuration or Setup Requirements: Certain operations may require specific configurations or setups to be in place before they can be executed. If these prerequisites are not met, which could be detected as a failure of a "virtual" dependency, a 424 status code might be returned.

  4. Data Dependencies: Operations that depend on the availability or state of certain data, which might be affected by previous operations, could lead to a 424 status if the required data state is not achieved due to earlier failures.

It's important to note that while 424 Failed Dependency is defined under the WebDAV extension, its usage isn't strictly limited to WebDAV scenarios and can be applied in any context where an operation's success is dependent on the completion of previous operations. Handling this status code typically involves identifying and resolving the issues with the failed dependencies before retrying the operation that resulted in the 424 status code.

Browser Support

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