508 Loop Detected HTTP Status Code


The HTTP status code 508 indicates "Loop Detected." It is part of the WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) extension of the HTTP protocol. This status code is used when the server detects an infinite loop while processing a request with "Depth: infinity". This situation could happen during a WebDAV propfind operation, for example, where the client requests properties of a resource hierarchy recursively. If the server encounters a situation where the same set of resources are being repeatedly processed, indicating a loop in the hierarchy, it may respond with the 508 status code to prevent the operation from continuing indefinitely. This helps in avoiding potential server overload or crash due to infinite recursion.


508 Loop Detected

Common Causes

This error occurs under the following primary conditions:

  1. Infinite Loop in Processing: The server has detected an infinite loop while processing the request. This can happen with WebDAV configurations when a request for a resource inadvertently leads to a request for the same resource, creating a loop that the server cannot resolve.

  2. Recursive Request: Similar to the infinite loop, this occurs when a request for a resource indirectly includes a request for the same resource. It often happens with improperly configured WebDAV services or redirects that mistakenly loop back to the original request.

  3. Misconfiguration or Bugs in Server Software: Errors in server-side software, including WebDAV services or other middleware, can inadvertently produce infinite loops. This might be due to bugs, misconfigurations, or incorrect script logic.

  4. Improper Redirects: Though more commonly associated with 3xx HTTP status codes, improperly set up redirects that loop back to a previous point in the request chain can also trigger a 508 error if they create a loop that the server identifies as infinite.

  5. Client-Side Scripting Issues: While less common, client-side actions that repeatedly call the same resource in a manner that the server cannot resolve can lead to a 508 error. This could happen with JavaScript that dynamically requests resources based on conditions that inadvertently create a loop.

In practice, the 508 Loop Detected status is relatively rare and typically signals a need for server configuration review or debugging. Fixing the issue often involves analyzing the server logs, checking the configuration of WebDAV or similar services, and ensuring that redirects are set up correctly.

Browser Support

The following table will show you the current browser support for the 508 Loop Detected HTTP status code.

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Tablets / Mobile
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