511 Network Authentication Required HTTP Status Code


HTTP Status Code 511 indicates "Network Authentication Required." This status code is used to inform the client that it needs to authenticate to gain network access. Typically, it's employed by captive portals to signal users that they need to perform authentication before accessing the Internet. This can happen in environments like hotels, airports, coffee shops, or other locations offering public Wi-Fi access. When a device connects to such a network and attempts to access the web, a 511 status code may be returned, prompting the user to open their browser to log in, accept terms of service, enter a code, or undertake some other form of authentication.


511 Network Authentication Required

Common Causes

Here are the common causes or scenarios where a 511 status code might be returned:

  1. Internet Access Requires Login: Commonly encountered in environments where internet access is controlled, such as hotels, airports, coffee shops, or other public Wi-Fi networks. The user is redirected to a login page where they must agree to terms of service, input a code, or provide credentials to gain full internet access.

  2. Data Cap Reached: Some internet service providers (ISPs) may implement data caps, and reaching this limit might trigger a 511 status code, redirecting the user to a page where they can purchase additional data or upgrade their plan.

  3. Network Policy Requirements: In corporate or educational networks, there may be policies requiring device compliance with security standards before granting access. A 511 status code can be used to redirect users to a page where they can ensure their device meets these policies.

  4. Restricted Network Access: Some networks might restrict access to certain users, devices, or locations. A 511 status code could be used to signal the need for authentication or authorization beyond simple password entry, such as two-factor authentication or device registration.

The primary intent behind the 511 status code is to inform the client that network access is denied for some reason, and authentication or action is required on their part to proceed. It's a mechanism for network operators to enforce access controls and policies.

Browser Support

The following table will show you the current browser support for the 511 Network Authentication Required HTTP status code.

Edge Chrome Firefox Opera Safari
Tablets / Mobile
Chrome Firefox Opera Safari Samsung Webview

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