Style Input Range

This is a handy generator that will help you style the html input range tag. You will be able to style all aspects of the input range tag and see the changes in the preview box below. Once you are happy with the style, simply copy and paste the generated css code into your project. If you need a bit of help to style the input tag, just select from one of our preset designs to get you started.

Thumb Properties

Thumb Color



Shadow Color


Track Color


Track Border Color

Track Shadow Color

Style Input Range Preview
Click on the thumb to update input range style.

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CSS Code

About Style Input Range

The HTML <input type="range"> element is used to create a slider control, typically for selecting a value within a specified range. CSS can be used to customize the appearance of these input range elements, such as changing their color, size, and other visual properties.

A CSS input style range generator is a tool that helps you customize the look and feel of these range input elements without having to write all the CSS styles from scratch. It provides options or configurations to customize the appearance of the range slider, and then it generates the CSS code for you to use in your web project.

These generators can be useful for web developers and designers who want to create visually appealing and consistent UI elements without the need to manually write and tweak the CSS for input range elements. They can save time and make it easier to style these elements to match a particular design or theme.