Welcome to our new site design


I have been operating this site for approx. 6 years and thought it was time for a new site design. The new layout was chosen to create a more simple and elegant look. Along with the new theme, we have also decided to add a blog to the website, which (hopefully) will be updated on a weekly basis.

In the coming weeks we will start updating a few of our CSS generators, the first and most important will be the following: CSS3 Button Generator, Currently this tool is not working very well with our new design, so this tool will get a complete new makeover and will be better than it is now…for obvious reasons!

Also in the works is a new tool that will convert images into data, with this you’ll then be able to embed the image data directly into your CSS file or webpages HTML. By using this tool your site will have less HTTP requests and therefor load the webpage quicker. This new tool should be available to use within a few weeks.

Along with all of the above, we will also be adding new content and updating our list of CSS Properties to include a few more new ones. We will also be adding a few more “Give it a Try!” buttons to the CSS Properties so that you can play and experiment with the code to see how it turns out.

Thanks for visiting the site, don’t forget to follow us on twitter and share our site with social networks.