HTML <font> Tag


The <font> tag is used to specify the font to use.

This tag is deprecated in HTML 4.01 and not supported in HTML5, use CSS font property.

Example Code:
<font size="3" color="red">This is some text!</font>
<font size="2" color="blue">This is some text!</font>
<font face="verdana" color="green">This is some text!</font>
This is some text! This is some text! This is some text!
Attribute Definition
size Specifies the size of text.
color Specifies the color of text.
face Specifies the font of text

Specifies the text direction for the content in an element.
Possible Values:

  • rtl  (Right to Left)
  • ltr  (Left to Right)
class Specifies a classname for an element.
id Specifies a unique id for an element.
lang Specifies a language code for the content in an element.
title Specifies a title to associate with the element. Many browsers will display this when the cursor hovers over the element (similar to a "tool tip").
style Specifies an inline style for an element.