The html <tt> tag is used for rendering teletype (or monospaced) text. A monospaced font is a font that is also known as a 'fixed width font', each character having the same width.

This tag is not supported in HTML5, use CSS font-weight property.

Example Code:
This is an example of the <tt> tag or <tt>teletype</tt>
This is an example of the <tt> tag or teletype
Attribute Definition

Specifies the text direction for the content in an element.
Possible Values:

  • rtl  (Right to Left)
  • ltr  (Left to Right)
class Specifies a classname for an element.
id Specifies a unique id for an element.
lang Specifies a language code for the content in an element.
title Specifies a title to associate with the element. Many browsers will display this when the cursor hovers over the element (similar to a "tool tip").
style Specifies an inline style for an element.

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