The background-clip property determines the background painting area, which determines the area within which the background is painted.

  • Initial valueborder-box
  • Applies toAll elements
  • InheritedNo
  • MediaVisual
  • Computed valueAs specified
  • AnimatableNo
  • CSS VersionCSS3
  • JavaScript
Formal syntax: <box> [ , <box> ]* 

background-clip: border-box;
background-clip: padding-box;
background-clip: content-box;
<box> = border-box | padding-box | content-box
  • border-boxThe background extends to the outside edge of the border (but underneath the border in z-ordering).
  • padding-boxNo background is drawn below the border (background extends to the outside edge of the padding).
  • content-boxThe background is painted within (clipped to) the content box.
.class {
   backround-clip: padding-box;

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