Character Entity Reference

Character entity references, or entities for short, provide a method of entering characters that cannot be expressed in the document's character encoding or that cannot easily be entered on a keyboard. Character entities are case-sensitive.

Character HTML Code CSS Code HTML Entity Description
    \00A0   Non-breaking space
¡ ¡ \00A1 ¡ Inverted exclamation mark
¢ ¢ \00A2 ¢ Cent
£ £ \00A3 £ Pound
¤ ¤ \00A4 ¤ Currency
¥ ¥ \00A5 ¥ Yen
¦ ¦ \00A6 ¦ Broken vertical bar
§ § \00A7 § Section
¨ ¨ \00A8 ¨ Spacing diaeresis
© © \00A9 © Copyright
ª ª \00AA ª Feminine ordinal indicator
« « \00AB « Angle quotation mark
¬ ¬ \00AC ¬ Negation
­ ­ \00AD ­ Soft hyphen
® ® \00AE ® Registered trademark
¯ ¯ \00AF ¯ Spacing macron
° ° \00B0 ° Degree
± ± \00B1 ± Plus or minus
² ² \00B2 ² Superscript 2
³ ³ \00B3 ³ Superscript 3
´ ´ \00B4 ´ Spacing acute
µ µ \00B5 µ Micro
¶ \00B6 ¶ Paragraph
· · \00B7 · Middle dot
¸ ¸ \00B8 ¸ Spacing cedilla
¹ ¹ \00B9 ¹ Superscript 1
º º \00BA º asculine ordinal indicator
» » \00BB » ngle quotation mark
¼ ¼ \00BC ¼ Fraction 1/4
½ ½ \00BD ½ Fraction 1/2
¾ ¾ \00BE ¾ Fraction 3/4
¿ ¿ \00BF ¿ Inverted question mark
À À \00C0 À Capital a, grave accent
Á Á \00C1 Á Capital a, acute accent
  \00C2  Capital a, circumflex accent
à à \00C3 à Capital a, tilde
Ä Ä \00C4 Ä Capital a, umlaut mark
Å Å \00C5 Å Capital a, ring
Æ Æ \00C6 Æ Capital ae
Ç Ç \00C7 Ç Capital c, cedilla
È È \00C8 È Capital e, grave accent
É É \00C8 É Capital e, acute accent
Ê Ê \00CA Ê Capital e, circumflex accent
Ë Ë \00CB Ë Capital e, umlaut mark
Ì Ì \00CC Ì Capital i, grave accent
Í Í \00CD Í Capital i, acute accent
Î Î \00CE Î Capital i, circumflex accent
Ï Ï \00CF Ï Capital i, umlaut mark
Ð Ð \00D0 Ð Capital eth, Icelandic
Ñ Ñ \00D1 Ñ Capital n, tilde
Ò Ò \00D2 Ò Capital o, grave accent
Ó Ó \00D3 Ó Capital o, acute accent
Ô Ô \00D4 Ô Capital o, circumflex accent
Õ Õ \00D5 Õ Capital o, tilde
Ö Ö \00D6 Ö Capital o, umlaut mark
× × \00D7 × Multiplication
Ø Ø \00D8 Ø Capital o, slash
Ù Ù \00D9 Ù Capital u, grave accent
Ú Ú \00DA Ú Capital u, acute accent
Û Û \00DB Û Capital u, circumflex accent
Ü Ü \00DC Ü Capital u, umlaut mark
Ý Ý \00DD Ý Capital y, acute accent
Þ Þ \00DE Þ Capital thorn, Icelandic
ß ß \00DF ß Small sharp s, German
à à \00E0 à Small a, grave accent
á á \00E1 á Small a, acute accent
â â \00E2 â Small a, circumflex accent
ã ã \00E3 ã Small a, tilde
ä ä \00E4 ä Small a, umlaut mark
å å \00E5 å Small a, ring
æ æ \00E6 æ Small ae
ç ç \00E7 ç Small c, cedilla
è è \00E8 è Small e, grave accent
é é \00E9 é Small e, acute accent
ê ê \00EA ê Small e, circumflex accent
ë ë \00EB ë Small e, umlaut mark
ì ì \00EC ì Small i, grave accent
í í \00ED í Small i, acute accent
î î \00EE î Small i, circumflex accent
ï ï \00EF ï Small i, umlaut mark
ð ð \00F0 ð Small eth, Icelandic
ñ ñ \00F1 ñ Small n ,tilde
ò ò \00F2 ò Small o, grave accent
ó ó \00F3 ó Small o, acute accent
ô ô \00F4 ô Small o, circumflex accent
õ õ \00F5 õ Small o, tilde
ö ö \00F6 ö Small o, umlaut mark
÷ ÷ \00F7 ÷ Division
ø ø \00F8 ø Small o, slash
ù ù \00F9 ù Small u, grave accent
ú ú \00FA ú Small u, acute accent
û û \00FB û Small u, circumflex accent
ü ü \00FC ü Small u, umlaut mark
ý ý \00FD ý Small y, acute accent
þ þ \00FE þ Small thorn, Icelandic
ÿ ÿ \00FF ÿ Small y, umlaut mark